How To Get Mortgage Approval in the Most Stress-Free Way

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or this is your nth time, buying a house involves a lot of stress. Mortgage approval is definitely one of those things that can be quite the headache. In order to have a mortgage application go smoothly and successfully, being prepared is a great first step.

Read on to find out how you can go about mortgage approval in the most stress-free way:

Make Sure You Actually Understand the Whole Process

Doesn’t it stress you out when you don’t have all the information in a situation where you’re asked to make a decision? Think back to your school days: didn’t picking an answer from a multiple-choice question in a crucial exam drive you nuts when you remembered it’s part of the pages you slept on? The logic here is something like that.

Mortgage application and the whole process can be stressful if there’s an element of being overwhelmed involved. Start with knowing more about the step-by-step requirements:

  • You will have to assess your finances and prepare accordingly. This includes budget, credit/debit/savings, and documentation.
  • You will need to apply for a loan. This is where you hopefully get pre-qualified by a lender.
  • You will go through mortgage origination and processing. This step is where your loan files are created. It happens through combining provided documents such as completed application forms and other requested documents. Conditional approval may also come into play here as well.
  • You will deal with the underwriting process. This is when loan applications are reviewed by underwriters who measure repayment risk and/or the lender’s risk.
  • You will need to satisfy the conditions of the loan. This is very much like a task list with conditions that are outlined before full approval. Examples can include providing proof of insurance and paying off a particular debt.

Having a real, in-depth understanding of the mortgage process will lower confusion-related stress.

Budget Well

Some people set a ballpark figure as a budget and leave it at that until it’s too late and they find out it actually wasn’t enough. Having a clear definition of what is and isn’t affordable can make a huge difference as the mortgage process goes on. Your considerations should include factors such as:

  • Fees
  • Insurance costs
  • List price
  • Taxes

Plan Way Ahead

Crunchtime immediately equates to stress time, but in mortgage, that doesn’t have to be the case! You can prepare for your mortgage process in advance. That will allow you to make more informed decisions moving forward. Documentation plays a major role in the mortgage process, so the earlier you can get those going, the better. Especially since part of it will likely require a bit of a turnaround time.


The entire journey of buying a home can be incredibly stressful; a huge part of that can be found in dealing with matters involving mortgage. Preparation plays a key role in going through the mortgage process. Remain stress-free by budgeting well, planning ahead, and making sure you understand the whole mortgage process.

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